Event Information
Presenter(s): Sherry Williams
Category: EMIS Services
Target Audience :
Start Date: 4/26/2018
End Date: 4/26/2018
Registration Deadline: 4/26/2018 9:00:00 AM
Time of Offering: 9:00:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM
Location: TCCSA Training Lab
Attendees: (12 / 20) Seats Filled (Click here to view attendees that have signed up for this event.)
Class Name: EMIS Alliance - Troubleshooting CTE Reports
Class Description:

CTE reports are generated using EMIS data reported by Local Education Agencies (LEAs) who report CTE data. Potential and actual CTE FTE values for students enrolled in CTE programs appear on the reports. Student, course, and staff errors for CTE programs are included on separate CTE reports. This presentation will provide data verification and error resolution guidance.

Please bring copies of or have electronic access to your CTE26 information.

We will post documentation closer to the training, as they are waiting on a few more details to include.


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